Pigeon Forge, Spring Charlotte who's planning on going?


G-Body Guru
Nov 7, 2005
up in the hills
As of now, both the Pigeon Forge Spring Rod Run and Charlotte Spring Auto Fair are scheduled for the same weekend . June 11-13 and June 12-14th.
Pigeon Forge is a lot closer for me so that's were I'll be headed
Anyone going that needs Grand Am, LeMans, Malibu pats please let me know.
I have "LeMans" hoods, fenders, deck lids, doors, bucket seats, consoles, dashes, glass, Rally II rims, etc.....Really need some room.
It's really not worth setting up at Pigeon Forge with G Body parts, but I can bring anything....
I usually walk the entire strip, but last year about killed me....


Royal Smart Person
Supporting Member
Nov 17, 2018
West Virginia
I got my refund on my Pigeon Forge cabin for the spring rod run. They moved it out to May and now June. IF it does happen in 2020 it will likely just be when the fall rod run occurs. Just my opinion


Comic Book Super Hero
Feb 18, 2014
In a perfect world I'd love to hit the autofair... but I doubt both that I'd be up for it, AND, that it'll wind up happening.

My guess is really big gatherings like that will still be restricted.


Oct 19, 2019
I'll keep my eye out for when these events do happen. Maybe I'll have my car ready by then.


Master Mechanic
Sep 13, 2018
Long Island NY
I was down in Pigeon Forge last September and they had the Shades of the Past going on
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