Power brake booster swap


Doug Chahoy

Royal Smart Person
Nov 21, 2016
Cardone refunded my money because they can’t send me the Caprice power booster for the Blazer brake swap #54-71040 . Any suggestions with part numbers on an alternative?

Doug Chahoy

Royal Smart Person
Nov 21, 2016
Why not just use the G body dual diaphragm vacuum booster? Many guys have used it on brake swaps with no issues.
I’ve got a 79. I think I read that if I go that route I should get one from the later years, right or wrong?


Aug 8, 2011
On my 83' Monte I am still running my factory 9" dual diaphragm booster with my Wilwood's, it works well and clears my BBC.
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Mar 12, 2010
Houston, TX

Here is the link for a b-body conversion using 12" dual diaphram booster from a 1990 Caprice along with a right hand drive, postal, S-10 master cylinder with a 1.0" bore, it should be significantly better than the stock setup.

S10 1.0" bore Right Hand Drive S10 link


G-Body Guru
Sep 1, 2018
Southern New Jersey near Philly
I had 12" b body front brakes on my GN with a standard g body dual diaphragm booster with a larger bore B body master cylinder. The pedal was right "there" and would put you through the wind shield with too much pedal pressure. I never saw the need of a larger booster unless you fall victim of the bigger is better mentality.


G-Body Guru
Sep 1, 2018
Southern New Jersey near Philly
Also note that you can tailor the pedal feel via master cylinder bore size.
Larger bores requires more pedal effort but has shorter travel.
Smaller bores require less pedal effort but can have a longer travel on the pedal.
I would highly recommend using the G body booster first before experimenting with the b body booster. You will most likely be quite happy with it.


Rocket Powered Basset Hound
Jul 24, 2009
Socialist NY
Why exactly CAN'T they sell you a booster??
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