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Oct 27, 2017
In a truck I imagine the large radiator will help keep it much cooler! Should be stump puller with the planned cam too. The Autotec and Mahle are the same 4032 alloy which is probably why Autotec called for the tight piston to wall. Much better than the cheap forged pistons from Speed Pro.

I'm considering salvaging some of the parts I used in the 403 (crank, cam, lifters) and using them in the 350 for a build similar to the 358 you're building. Still looking at another hefty machine shop bill and $1200 for those Mahle Pistons and the new Scat rods. After putting 1000 miles on this 350, I'm just not happy with it compared to how good the 403 was (other than it running hot and getting ruined), I don't know what cam they put in it but it's too big for the low compression pistons they used (dished .030 over speed pros).
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Oct 14, 2008
My 424 probably won't crack 300+ HP but with the Performer intake, 454 TBI, a 454 factory Qjet to TBI 1" tall adapter, the #6 heads with 2.07"/1.56" valves with bowls opened, Sanderson shorties and dual exhaust with the small cam should mean serious low end torque, none of the 3500 rpm and up BS. The 4L60E is the biggest deterrent on the 1500, so a 2500 is preferred for the 4L80E and 9.5" axles. Yeah, the 8 to 1 you are currently at limits your 350 a lot.
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