Project Regress gets its water pump painted



Master Mechanic
Feb 20, 2018


Just a few shots of some paint work that I managed to get done. The grey coating you see is not primer. it is actually a grey anti-rust preventative coating from RUST CHECK and no, I am not shilling for the company. It is just a product that I have used in certain instances which seems to work well.


And the money shots. When my van was still new and pristine, its engine came in a shade of blue that I will call, for lack of a better name, GM Corporate Engine Blue. I couldn't find it as a part number or a can color at the parts store so I took a sample in to my Paint Shop and they mixed a batch for me that is so extremely close to the original that only difference is the gloss of the new stuff. It'll fade over time with exposure to heat and UV but when I shot the engine for the Van, the remaining blue and the new stuff blended so well that telling new from old was difficult.

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