Question for the Dodge people (B block exhaust & carter carbs)


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Feb 16, 2009
Western MN
Got a Moo-par question and I don't want to join a Dodge forum for a car that's not mine and a chassis I know nothing about.

Good friend of mine who is really a Dodge guy (bless his heart) but has a Fiero with an L67 picked up a decently solid but '80's custom' 71 satellite few years back. It's a factory 318 satellite he bought as an abandoned project that has buckets, console, rally gauges and some roadrunner parts laying around to build a clone. Fuel tank was rusty and missing from the car sitting in storage through most of the 90's and the small block got swapped shortly before my buddy bought it.

It has a 68ish 383 2 barrel swapped in from the guy he bought it from & the engine came out of a truck or C body or something big so it didn't have exhaust manifolds. Headers are notoriously poor fitting and expensive for these cars so I picked up a set of factory manifolds from the salvage yard for him. He just wants a cruise around mostly stock car. It's a while away from being a running and driving car but he wants to get it to the point where he can move it in the driveway without having to push it. That means putting a fuel tank in, getting the carb replaced, swapping the points for the HEI style dizzy thats in the trunk, and putting some form of exhaust on the car.

Basically he is is a bit overwhelmed with the size of this project and he needs some motivation to get back on it so I am going to help him get it derivable so it's not a garage landmark.

Does anyone know Dodge exhaust? He lives a few hours away so I am going to hang out at his place for a weekend to get it running so we want to have everything right & ready to go.

Like anything mopar stuff is stupid expensive and the only factory style head pipes are $200 for 2 elbows.

He needs flanges that bolt to the stock manifolds and I am just going to weld up some midpipes using some 2 1/2" elbows to get the exhaust out of the engine bay. My problem is rockauto is showing two different part numbers for 2 barrel and 4 barrel gaskets and there are no dimensions so i can order flanges. I have no idea what manifolds I have besides they are B/RB block stuff from ~'70

Can I just have him order a universal 2 1/2 flange and gaskets? Is there a reason why these dodge gaskets are different for 2 and 4 barrel and why they are dodge specific? I was thinking I can get universal crap from Vatozone and birdsh*t weld it together but none of the part numbers jive to normal GM stuff I am accustomed to and although the stuff is cheap I don't want him to be stuck on a weekend without the parts he needs.

As far as carb stuff, the factory 2 barrel carter on the 383 now leaks, has a manual choke and is garbage. I was planning to hunt down a dual pattern 4 barrel intake and throw one of my spread bore Q-jets or holleys i have sitting on the shelf on this car since I know they work and I can tune them. Is it better to just buy a gasket kit and rebuild the 2 barrel carter that is on it now? Are they easy to tune (jets or needles?) I have no idea if it is a 383 carb or was on the 318 that was in the car from the factory. Are 2 barrel carters pretty easy to clean and get set up?

The car also has what looks like a very clean (New?) edelbrock manifold and 6-pack setup in the trunk. I have heard 6 pack stuff is hard to tune and I have no idea if the linkages are all there to work. I am trying to convince him to sell the 6 pack stuff and get a simple dual plane 4 barrel manifold. Is the 6 pack stuff that foreign or is it actually going to be OK to get it running at idle and sub 2000 rpm stuff?




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