questions about disassembly & refinishing of driver vent


Jul 4, 2014
The driver lap vent is discolored & looks pretty cruddy, I am trying to plan how to refinish it. I figure it would look best if I could remove the rotating piece from the housing and then spray paint it, but I am having trouble seeing how to do that. Anyone done this before & have tips? (and yeah, just noticed that crack in the 3rd photo)




Jun 19, 2021
The rotating piece was likely placed in a mold and the rest injection molded around it. I can see possible ways to get it out but they would be a lot of hassle.

If i was to do it I would use a beverage can made of aluminum. cut the top and bottom off puncture with a knife and cut with scissors, cut the remaining cylinder to make a flat sheet.

Cut two pieces to fit the narrow width of the opening, cut slots in them to clear the pin that it rotates on. Slide them in bend them over the sides. Cut a full length of the aluminum to the width of your masking tape and use it as a tool to pull tape thru front to back.

Sand and clean it up. Spray from as far away as possible so the paint is thin, multiple coats.

On the crack figure a way to clamp it to close the crack, super glue and clamp it, If there is room to clear the part it goes into reinforce the crack area with epoxy.
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G-Body Guru
Sep 4, 2020
Isn't one of the post pieces shorter and is pushed in one direction so the other post has enough room to get slid out? I had painted one for my monte carlo years ago and can't remember now


Supporting Member
Jan 2, 2006
Quite the dilemma. I have an NOS deflector somewhere around here. If I can locate it I'll dig it out of the box and check. I think they used these since the mid-70s to 88.

I may even have a spare cover with a deflector still in it somewhere in my junk parts pile if I hadn't thrown it out.

If you haven't figured it out by the time I get to it today...I'll report back. If they put it together, we can take it apart.
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