Raceday cancellations coming to a strip near you.

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Feb 18, 2014
So. Apparently the traction compounds (glues) they use for track prep are unavailable to buy and the backlog shortage is getting worse.


When Las Vegas Motor Dpeedway can't source it you know the smaller guys probably are going to have trouble as well.

It'll be interesting to track if this carries over into spring when demand will go even higher between race series wanting to prep tracks and tours holding race days.

Might be time to get a lower hp street tire for some bracket racing fun car instead while you wait for the big toys to be able to play.
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Jan 7, 2016
Cape Coral, FL
No prep is about to get more popular! 🤣
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Feb 16, 2009
Western MN
Yeah that's been a thing most of this summer. Usually Byron is so sticky you could walk on a ceiling and I have 3 broken rear ends to show for it but almost all the big power drag week cars had issues going down this year and even I spun.

The only track I had with stellar prep last summer was BIR which was a NHRA track, and it was a few weeks after the NHRA show so I bet they had leftover.

Expect the beatings to continue.
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Dec 1, 2014
Upstate NY
From my understanding, via several sources, Lutonal and lack thereof is the issue. There are 2 or 3 US companies developing a replacement. The US alternates have been in use for a share of the '22 season and there are mixed reviews. The high HP guys, both small tire and big tire, have opinions.

The blame, or reason, in most of the articles I've read for the lack of track prep falls almost exclusively on the mess in Europe - thank you Putin. IMO, another reason to toss the 'global economy is good for everyone' discussion in the toilet. Why isn't there an American manufacturer of Lutonal? The reasons/excuses are many ranging from it's a byproduct of something else that is almost exclusively manufactured in Germany, US EPA won't allow it's manufacture because it's 'nasty' stuff, of course conspiracy theories, and many theories that are just too stupid to repeat.

To me this isn't as awful of an issue as many of the fear mongerers have made it out to be. We need to adapt, we need to overcome in order to succeed (where have I have heard that before :unsure:). Perhaps the drivers and tuners will have to adapt to the track rather than assuming that every track will be prepped identically. The end result of that will level the playing field IMO. For example, if a track prep can't hold a 3200lb 2000hp small tire car, then everyone won't need 2000hp to be competitive - and the last I checked a 2000hp setup is a might bit more expensive than a 1500hp setup, so that will lead to more competitive entries.

And of course this will lead to more no prep racing.

There are plenty of other articles about this as well, but the link is typical of most of the others.
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