Ready for winter?


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Jul 19, 2009
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I got sunburned this weekend, does that count as ready for winter? I'll post in the non G project thread soon, been chipping away at the trailer. Once that's ready it's off to the track! I'll re-enter reality in December, but until then I'll be sweating my butt off in the middle of the Mojave Desert and beating on the Camaro like it owes me money.
Looking for your post in the “What Did You Do at Work Today” thread….


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Mar 30, 2012
West Michigan
Eat your heart out you rust belt guys. Down here in Central TX my "winter" prep consists of mowing "mulching" the leaves that fall from the neighbors tree!
Haha. I actually enjoy the change of seasons. I’ve been the victim of Texas heat and hate it. At least when it’s cold in Michigan you can dress up for it. I do get tired of winter after February though…. I’m just waiting for climate change so I can plant a palm tree in front of my house. Texas weather will be really nice by that time 😮
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Aug 5, 2012
Once the SALT flies the elco is off the road. Killed my daily driver civic over the summer after a huge rain storm hit, used car market is screwed so the elco been my fair weather car since then. Looks like the offroad truck is the daily this winter unless something good pops up. Kick myself everyday for selling my old man fresh 307 cutlass.


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May 6, 2015
Put my MC in storage last weekend. Normally wait till the end of October but my schedule is to busy for me to drive it more than a few times before then. Figured put it away when I have the time to do it right and not rush everything.

Unfortunately where I store it there is no power so I cannot use a tender. I do have a battery disconnect on it. Never had an issue with it starting in the spring.

The 41 Chevy is staying home for the winter. It needs to have wiring and an interior fixed. Wife got a Mini that I am going to try removing a few dents on over the winter. Unfortunately we have 5 cars and a 2 bay garage. Keeping the Mini home give plenty of room to work in one of the bays. The HC takes most of the bay.


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Oct 25, 2019
Colorado Springs, CO
Looking for your post in the “What Did You Do at Work Today” thread….

Flying that Cirrus was the last cool thing I did at work, but not the last. This weekend I'll be at Buttonwillow running the Camaro. I owe the non-G thread a trailer update. Getting it sufficiently buttoned up was a prereqisite to getting the car on track. I plan to load the Camaro and tools and crap tomorrow, pack food and crap Thursday, and drive straight from class to the track Friday. I can't f-ing wait. I haven't learned a new track in a while. It's an art form, and is great for driver development. I'm hoping to hit a total of 3 new to me tracks before I head home. And I hope to learn something useful against the adversary along the way.
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