Rear disc brake flex hose


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Dec 3, 2021
Hey guys my rear disc conversion came with flex hoses. They're kinda long but i'd like to use what i've got here versus going and buying more stuff.

The instructions seem to suggest routing the banjo fitting to the side (parallel with axle tube) so the line goes just behind the shock and then under the spring mount. (Pic 1) It does fit this way although the machining of the caliper seems to suggest routing the line straight forward which would be immediately under the axle and the up over the trailing arm (Pic 2, 3, 4) The line seems to lay more naturally this way and has less to rub/chafe on HOWEVER first thought is to not run anything over the trailing arm. That being said, in looking at the geometry of the trailing arm, it could never pinch the line, there is actually a bump stop above it on the axle tube anyway. Still, i thought I'd ask for opinions here on the board. Go with (Pic 1) or go with (Pic 2,3,4)


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Dec 3, 2021
What is your swing the banjo bolt so the line is away from the control arm.
If i do that, then it looks like pic 1. The bolt is kind of forced between the axle tube and the shock (per instructions) and then under the spring. Worst case scenario the line gets floppy over time and develops a memory where it ends up resting between the two bottom coils of the spring. I am thinking this is more of a pinch hazard than over the control arm. Thoughts?


May 6, 2021
Here’s how I ran mine. Almost have to twist the line so it semi loops. Need the extra hose so you can remove the calipers without unhooking the line. 159CD076-8F45-43A8-BFD2-277D61058A91.jpeg
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