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Jul 19, 2009
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There have been a number of threads recently focusing on Vortec heads, what to do with a stock 305, cheap 350 builds, etc. I might well be the only car-building nerd on the Forum, but in case there are others, here is the GM parts list to build your own hydraulic-lifter 350 using GM parts including stock Vortec heads. GM calls this motor a '300HP' crate engine. No idea what the actual dyno output would be. Instead of paying $3000, you can build this from any cleaned up 1-pc or 2-pc 350 block. Probably for well under $2000. The point of sharing the parts list is that you can use GM pieces or cross-reference them to equivalent aftermarket pieces. Many of them could be purchased on or Amazon, if you had the part numbers. Enjoy.


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The vortec heads will fit on any good 350. Should be able to find one for under $200 some place and a good set of vortec heads for under $300 and any flat tappet cam with under 480 lift. I would put the price well under $1000 for a build If you do the work your self. I would just find a good used vortec complete motor with the factory hyd roller cam and use a electric fuel pump and it will make well over 300HP in stock form. The heads are the key to the power. Heck their is enough room to through a set of 1.6 rocker on a stock roller cam if you wanted to.
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