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Sep 5, 2019
Ludicrously expensive IMO, but basic design with bolt in crossbar would preserve back seat access
It is difficult to get past the cost. But... Stainless tube so it looks good w/o extra work. It also has the cost of the fab work into it as it's an 'at home' do-able project.
Pretty much a coin-flip.
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Jan 18, 2018
Unless the rules require a roll bar I would stiffen the car from underneath and not have a bar at all. A roll bar is an all or nothing kind of deal. Bolt in cross bar is illegal for nhra rules so either weld it or don’t put a bar. Plus you’re saying you want your kids to ride back there. With only lap belts I wouldn’t want to see the kids face plant into a bar in the back seat. The pro street type bars that go over the seat are more for looks to keep the back seat in the car than actually make the seat usable. But if you put the roll bar in anyway, I was taught that in a coil spring chassis the back bars should tie into the spring pockets. A leaf spring car should go to the rear shackles. This is why you see the structural x bar go to the coil over mount in a back half car and thinner bars go to the car rear just to really support the ends of the frame rails. So with that said I’ve seen it 2 different ways, my car had the rear bars welded to the spring pockets. I’ve also seen the bars go to the rear of the trunk with a down bar tying midspan to the springs.
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