Rustbelt Group Fall Cruise


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Sep 17, 2017
From the Rustbelt group- my pipe dream.

IT'S A GO! That's me trying to show excitement. Weather for Saturday October 17th looks great, so I'm headed out on a Southern Indiana road trip and it would be great if a couple of you guys could come along. Don't care if you're driving your Gbody, the old ladie's Camry, a mule, whatever. If you can get to the start you can even ride along/ drive with me (3 max- it's a Cutlass, not a minivan), and I will drop you off on the way back.
Plan is as follows: Meet at Ridetech in Jasper, IN at 9:45-10:00am(EDT), quick tour of their facility, drive north/east/south/east/north to West Baden/French Lick, IN with a couple of stops for photo ops in mind, about 50 miles, 1.5 hours with stops. Pick a place in French Lick for lunch around 12:30-1:00. Head back home afterwards. Copy and paste the link below for route:


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