Saving a 1984 Buick Regal


Feb 9, 2021
So i joined this forum a while back, when i first took on this project and have been hard at work and busy ever since. A long time visitor of the site, i came here when i faced some carburetor and just overall performance issues and got lots of help from you guys. Today i can finally say i got the car pretty right, and its come a long way since. Some background on the car:

1984 Buick Regal with a 350 4-Bolt Main from a vette, th350 trans. When i first got the car, it barely ran, almost everything that can be out of adjustment and overall out of whack was. The carburetor was shot, plugs, wires, cap/rotor, timing, it all needed to be changed. As for the frame and body, CLEAN. No frame rot whatsoever, no body damage and the paint was perfect. Interior wise, the seats were shot, carpet shot, and some trim and plastic panels were cracked or on there way out. No radio, no speakers. Basically gutted the interior ( im still looking for seats ) with all new parts, some from a parted out grand national.

Ive been looking to start a little car youtube channel, me and a few buddies have some old classic cars and thought it could be fun. ( 1984 Regal, 1989 Caprice Classic, 2 more regals, one with a 6.0 the other an all original t type, and a 1971 Boss 302 mustang. ) So i made a short little youtube video of some of the progress i have made on my car over time. Check it out if you want!

Lots more has been done even since the video as you will see in the pictures below. Since the video we have:

Added an adjustable trans vacuum modulator, just did a good valve adjustment, did the brakes, new shocks, all new front end parts, and lots of cosmetic upgrades such as redoing the front and rear bumpers. Im probably forgetting some other stuff we did. She also just got all new tires, and custom rims we did ourselves! The plan is an eventual LS/4L60 swap or a 383 Stroker soon. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks all.


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