CUTLASS Sbc 350 swap

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Jun 23, 2020
Hey all had a question for anyone whos done an sbc 350 swap on a cutlass supreme. Mines and 85, i put a small block chevy 350 in it and a 700r4. Runs a drives amazingly. However im running into a bit of an electrical issue, at first i was under the impression that my diodes were going out in my alternator causing the car to lose power briefly and make all the electricals flicker, changed the alternator, everything was cool started happening again, now i haven't removed the ecu or anything i added an after market tachometer and some gauges, it alreadt had a sound system so i know its not stereo related, but i was curious as to reasons this could happen if any one had any input thanks


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Feb 18, 2014
Organ rejection due to incompatible donor. A SBO would clear it up.

Realistically, anytime you move and tug all those harnesses around EVERY WHERE someone cut things up and repliced but got tugged on or tied out of the way had a chance to work lose.

Grounds too

Could be something is off that the process of alternator changing bumped and made work right before it going south again
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