Scion xB Daily Driver (Cheap Project)



Master Mechanic
Oct 11, 2018
Bavaria, Germany
Tried to get my wife to drive one. I thought it would be cool.
Mine would kill me instantly if I offered it to her :X3: She loves her Suzuki Jimny, square and bolt small 4x4.


Master Mechanic
Oct 29, 2018
Safford, AZ
My now ex-wife hates Wagons. She saw it as me trying to get her to like one.



Nov 22, 2011
Coastal North Carolina
While I have two Malibus, I'm not driving them every day like the Scion. I really know this car and shift by feel at this point. That used to be the old wagon two decades ago. The imprinting remains, and I'll miss the 'Skate when it's gone. Cars have gotten so complicated. And ugly. The xB however, is 'bold'.
Glad to hear you've had a good experience with yours. I know these little things are adored by many. Honestly before I got this one I thought they were little sh*tboxes, but its really proven me wrong. Even at 75mph it is quieter than my Cavalier was and drives nicer altogether. It won't win any races, but it gets you from A to B! This is my first non-GM product, so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. In a way I wished it was manual, but the auto isn't too bad.

I just finished the ~200 mile trip back to school and it did great! No issues, only got 28mpg on the first fill up, but I'm sure that will improve as time goes on. I don't really have too big of plans for it. I'd like to upgrade the audio system to make it a little more tolerable. A maybe get a new (non-dented) hatch for it to clean it up a little. I'm impressed so far!
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