Serpentine Questions



Royal Smart Person
Mar 10, 2010
Small town NY
I sent this to one of the members in a PM but I guess he hasnt been on for a few days and Im at a loss so I'll try here. Ive also gotten some replies from another site but Im trying to get as much info as I can without being a pain in the butt.

I didnt put the serpentine set on my motor. Since I never did one before a friend of mine that works for a Chevy dealer came over and put it all together for me. The plug is on the right side of the AC compressor. . In pictures Ive seen them more to the top and center. Im assuming the compressor just needs to be clocked by taking the bolts out and rotating it ? Where do you get the plug to fit the new compressor ? Junkyard or can you get them new ? And just splice the original wires ?

Im sure Im going to have a lot more questions by the end of the day after I get back out there to work on it again.

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