Shift linkage



Sep 13, 2018
That's a HARD no unless you are an expert fabricator and can figure something out. If you look at where the shifter linkage connects at the firewall, you'll see that it's sunken in about 2" or so, with the part that the linkage attaches to barely clearing the firewall. Lokar for example, sells a column cable kit, but it does not work on G-Bodies because there isn't enough clearance to attach the bracket for the system with how the attaching point for the lever is so close to the firewall.

That's probably not explained very well, but the point is that unless you're very talented with fabrication, it's not doable with off the shelf aftermarket parts.
I thank you for your reply and it made good sense once I rolled under the car. I guess I kinda panicked when I realized I had not thought about the shifter setup. I was kinda hoping that I could use /modify a 4 speed shifter but looks like the best option is to use the 3 speed and adjust it to work. The other brainfart I had was thinking the the shifter pivot arm on the trans would mount differently. I forgot the KISS method... Keep It Simple Stupid!!

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