Shifter for a Bench Seat T10/Muncie



Apr 18, 2015
York, Pa
Good afternoon everyone!
I just wanted to touch base with everyone before I pull the trigger and buy an expensive part. I am going to be installing my Super T10 behind my SBC in my 83 MC and i have been torn in many different directions with many different suggestions as to what shifter I should be running with a bench. Some guys have told me a regular Hurst shifter should work but my gut is telling me that it wont clear the factory bench seat in 2nd and 4th. Other guys I have talked to have told me that I should be running the super expensive Tri 5 Chevy "Bench Seat Shifter" and the more I think about it, this may be the solution. The only thing keeping me from going this route is the fact that a new Bench seat tri 5 shifter is 653 bucks new and I have yet to see anyone with a Gbody and a 4 speed running one... Can anyone please clear up this confusion and share some pics of your setup???


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Sep 9, 2019
Pittsburgh PA
I had 2 different hurst shifters in my car with the factory 60/40 bench , competition plus ,and verti gate 2, both work with normal straight shift handles least in my regal they do and the verti gate is a PAIN the *ss to install cause it's huge the normal comp.+ Alot more room to adjust ,I also made my own mounting plates for both my Muncie and ST10
pontiac guy

pontiac guy

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Oct 28, 2016
Royse City, TX
Go to core shifters and all the hurt stick dimensions are there. He's a distributor so you can order it thru him if need be. There are a few different ones that will work with a bench. Pick the one you like.

Btw. Bench seats and 4 spds are where it's at. Good choice keeping the bench


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Sep 1, 2018
Southern New Jersey near Philly
The problem with the bench seats depends on how far forward you need the seat. The 78-88 A/G bodies require a shifter that mounts very far forward in order to get full forward travel of the bench seat. This was possible with the Saginaw 4 speed that GM used on the factory installs in 78-81 as reverse is in the main case. On the T10 and Muncie the reverse lever is in the tail. This makes it difficult to get the shifter very far forward.
I was able to do so with my Super T10 install using some factory 78-81 4 speed parts as well as select other after market and custom parts.
If you sit with the seat fairly far back, then you can ignore this.


Apr 13, 2015
Brookville, IN
Last summer I talked with a guy who had his bench seat/4 speed ‘79 Malibu in a local car show. He was running a Muncie, and told me he used a (Hurst) shifter for a ‘67-ish GTO. For what it’s worth he was about 5’10” or 5’11”, and there was still room for the bench to go farther forward without interfering with the shifter handle.


Sep 14, 2014
Elderton, Pa
I remember not long ago someone posted about making a mount to move the shifter into the stock location on a Muncie that cleared the reverse arm. Haven't been able to find it searching but I know it's here somewhere.
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