MALIBU Small block chevy intake manifold fit



Master Mechanic
Jan 18, 2018
On a small block chevy what is the tallest intake combo that can fit under the stock hood? I am asking because I would like to run either an rpm air gap or a victor jr with a 1" spacer. I want to replace the hood but want to know if this will fit or do I need to go for a steel cowl hood. The only setups I had run were the Weiand xcelerator and the Edelbrock torker 2 intakes previously in malibus with flat hoods.
79 USA 1

79 USA 1

Master Mechanic
Sep 2, 2011
Cheektowaga, New York
I'm running a Edelbrock air gap intake with a 750 Holley & 1" spacer on the 406 in my 79 Monte Carlo. Also using a drop base air cleaner. For a little extra clearance I took out the raised "Batwing" portion of the under
hood support.



G-Body Guru
Apr 16, 2013
Near Afton, Wisconsin
Greetings BracketChevy & all; Weiand xcelerator, 1/2 inch spaced & drop base 3 x 14 inch K & N air cleaner. Air cleaner shined spot on hood X brace & scuffed chrome. That's with new poly motor mounts. So from my findings all extra clearance has been Used? Harwood hood solved the problem. Creating a new problem, make an air box! That's an Air-Gap, spacer & a drop base (?), plus a flow top lid. It works well & rain tested. Ole' Bob.


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