*SOLD* LSX 1983 El Camino, Milwaukie Oregon

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Jun 12, 2015

I am the second owner of this El Camino and the person who swapped the 2001 5.3L LM7 (LSX) motor and 2001 4L80E transmission into it. It is garage kept.

When I purchased it there was ~60,000 miles on the body. I would estimate that there is les than 80,000 now.

The motor was purchased through LKQ and had an advertised 120,000 miles on it. The transmission was through a local parts lot and I was told 150,000.

The interior is very good condition. The previous owner had it reupholstered and the work was done really well. I added a Pendleton wool headliner, material purchased through the Pendleton outlet in Milwaukie, Oregon.

The body is in great shape. A few PDR fixable door dings that you'd find on most cars, but it has never been wrecked and is the first compliment I always get.

The paint is original and I would give it a B+ to A-. The previous owner drove on gravel roads and the front end shows it a little bit. I also think they tried waxing it at one point and didn't do a great job of buffing the wax. Paint perfection is not really my thing, but I think the right person could rehab it to look really amazing.

I replaced the drums and rotors just a few months ago. Brakes work great. Suspension is stock with air shocks in the back.

-The exhaust rattles and is my biggest gripe with the car. If it doesn't sell before Summer, I'll probably get this fixed. I just haven't had time.
-The aftermarket stereo I put in stopped working recently. I really don't use it and if it's a priority to the buyer, I could probably trouble shoot and fix the issue. I enjoy listening to the motor when I drive it.
-There is about a 6"x6" stain on the hood that I believe is from something like transmission fluid. It might be something a body shop could buff out? I'm not positive.
-Although I can't say it needs it, I would think the car could use an actual dyno tune. The mail-in LT1Swap.com tune has worked great, but I would imagine there's some smoothing and power to unlock. Related: I also have HPTuners with this vehicle registered on it. If you are interested, we could negotiate throwing that in with the vehicle purchase.

Why am I selling this? I have a newborn baby, we only have 2 spots at our house to park and both my wife and I want vehicles with backseats for the baby's safety. If I had a 3rd spot for a car, I'd hold onto this. It's been a lot of fun and I was originally intending on building it into a turbo LS, but priorities have shifted a bit.

I'm located in Milwaukie, Oregon and asking $8,500.
Open to offers. It's a hard one to put a price tag on.

This forum was always a great tool from beginning to now on this vehicle and it would be awesome if someone who already has experience with El Caminos could be the new owner!

Other quick notes:
-Iceman transmission crossmember with poly bushing
-Dirty Dingo motor mounting brackets
-Spectre air intake
-Dual electric fans
-Fuel is ran through -AN lines
-Walbro 255 fuel pump
-Dixie restoration Sending Unit
-New 1987 El Camino EFI Fuel tank purchased through RockAuto
-Dakota Digital Dash with all working gauges
-Lokar automatic floor shifter
-S10 Shortie Headers
-Chrome radiator support cover
-Dual exhuast with x-pipe and catalytic converters (will pass emissions)
-ECU tuned by LT1Swap.com
-AEM Wideband gauge mounted under dash
-Pop top sunroof
-Rubber bed mat


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Feb 7, 2019
Welcome! Beautiful car!
That would defiantly be a hard one to let go, and 🥳congratulations 🎉on your new addition to your family! I think your asking price is more than fair by the way! Good luck with the sale of this beautiful ride!

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