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Dec 26, 2013
Took a little inventory in the garage: 68-76 350 short block, 7A heads, 330 intake, and a Comp XE274H cam and lifter set already broke in. I started pulling some numbers to find a compression ratio, but need a few more specs; never built a small block. I have a pair of 2 heads, but they're for a 45 degree cam and I'd have to mess with the holes, I think. That cam is just too ridiculous for a lowish compression 350, so Hooptiewagon said he would trade me to a smaller, broken in with matched lifters cam set. Perfect! Got a TH350 that's been sitting for 20 years. Depending on what a rebuild kit would cost, I may be on the hunt for an R4.... Car currently may have 2.56 gears..... or not. Contemplating induction; have W/Z manifolds.


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Mar 17, 2010
Braceville, Ohio
1972, 350 heads are decent heads. I used a set of rebuilt, single angle, small valved #4 (1967-330 engine) on a std bore re-ringed 1969 9 to 1 compression 350. 1969 Cutlass ran 13:70. No pushrod rubbing problems. Generic .496/.520 cam. Pretty sure the steering box is "rear steer" like 1965 thru 1970 full size Oldsmobiles, that may be a problem. The 1965/70 full size use engine mounts that have one bolt that goes throu the front cross-member that may make installing the engine easier. You might have to do a little transmission tunnel work, you'll find out why they call those transmissions "slim Jims." Looks like a solid car. It'll be the only one anywhere you go.
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