Speedometer, Tach and dashboard question.


Dec 21, 2020
Hello - There was a weird noise in my dash, like un-greased bearings just grinding, and my speedo went wonky then just fell to 0 while I was still driving. At the moment I'm using a GPS app on my phone to track my speed. My main question is does this sound like the speedo itself is broken or does it sound like a speedo cable issue. I'm guessing the former giving the grinding I was hearing. I'm hoping this is not to hard to replace.

If I have to take the dash apart, can I install a Tach in the unused space on the right? Can I assume there is a cable/wire alreadying running to this spot or do I need to run one?

Once I get the dash apart I guess its time to upgrade the lighting to LEDs. Thanks in advance.


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oldsmobile joe

Royal Smart Person
Nov 12, 2015
Speedo cable and/or drive unit in trans. Speedo head should be ok.
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