Stalling issues


Dec 19, 2016
I have not had this out on the road (other than some drives around the block) in about 8 months. I was working on replacing all the brakes and lines. A few questions: 231 Buick engine.

1) idles and revs fine in park but when in gear it stalls if I hit the gas kinda hard, timing issue, accel pump, ?? It’s has a Rochester 2jet.

2) choke seems to work as it should but when I would drive somewhere and then go start it back up, it won’t start. Unless I open the butterfly a little. This is when warmed up.

Thanks for the responses. Everyone is always helpful.


Jan 17, 2017
Sounds like the choke may have a sticky spot causing the hard to start issue when warm. That's a good place to start. Once that is working correctly, see if the remaining issues continue.

It could also be an accelerator pump. What you describe in 1.) Sure sounds like an accelerator pump to me.

And it never hurts to check all vacuum hoses for leaks.
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