The one that I let get away


Jun 27, 2021
It's not often that something enters my collection and leaves again, but such was the case with this '79 Malibu Landau coupe. Originally out of Illinois corn country, this completely original little old lady car found it's way to Canada a few years ago. I happened to spot it on Kijiji and bought it. Apart from a good tune up and polishing ,the only major thing I did was to replace the somewhat battered wire wheel covers with a set of rallies. It had the 267 V8 and 200 transmission.
It was a nice companion car to the '78 Caballero.
Alas, another special older woman caught my fancy. A 1925 Buick 4 passenger coupe turned up in an estate and I made an offer that was accepted. Something had to go.
I still regret it, but the garage was getting over comfortable capacity (it's 32 x 80 ft).


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