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Feb 25, 2005
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Well, I legit thought there was a sticky thread that had the site rules in it, but alas it is nowhere to be found. So here it is. Pay attention.

  1. Nothing illegal. Shouldn't even have to mention it, but the usual: warez, pornography, copyrighted material, harassment, threats, etc. are forbidden. That stuff will get you banned and your threads deleted with extreme prejudice.
  2. NO POLITICS. Look, save the political stuff for Facebook or your next family get together. Not everything has to be about politics. Really. Just don't. Left/Right, Red/Blue IDC just save it. Especially in election years. If you see it happening, please use the report post function. Not even debating this.
  3. NO RELIGION. See #2.
  4. NO CROSSPOSTS or posting in the wrong sections: ONE post on a subject is more than enough. No need to post it three times in three different sections. Also, make sure you post in the correct section. Not everything goes in "General Discussion." Especially classifieds-type content.
  5. No "Price Cop" posts. See something in the "for sale" section you think is priced too high? Then don't buy it. We don't need endless arguments about how "I can get that everyday for 1/2 that" "why don't you then" "blah blah blah" ... if they want to sell it, they'll lower the price. Econ 101.
  6. No minimum post requirements. We've been over this. Having a history on the site isn't a requirement to post something for sale.
  7. There's no "mandatory introduction rule" or anything like that. Don't let anyone tell you different. Old-timers, just lend a hand, answer questions, give useful information... doesn't matter if you've heard their life story or seen 15 pics of their car.
  8. Be Excellent to Each Other. Save the name calling and shoulder chips for somewhere else. We're all here because of one reason: We love our G-Body. Doesn't mean we all have to be friends, but we don't have to be jerks to each other. Life's hard enough without dealing with trolls and jerks. We're all one big G-Body family, right?
  9. Don't like big wheels? That's cool, no need to berate and insult those who do and run them off. Just don't respond. Scroll on by.
  10. Like big wheels? That's cool, post up and don't worry about the haters, and don't feed them when they respond. it's what they want.
  11. 9 &10 also apply to LS swaps, lambo doors, and pretty much anything that involves personal style, taste, budgets, abilities, etc. Don't have to like it, but its not required to comment on it.
  12. Scammers will not be tolerated. You'll be banned and outed with extreme prejudice.
  13. ASK THE FORUM. Look, I wish I were the world expert on all things g-body, but I'm not. Sending me an e-mail or using the site contact form to ask "where can I get a hood" or "how do I fix my starting problem" will get you no response, just like it says on the contact form. Use the forum, post your question in the correct section and you'll get a far better answer than I could give. Probably several.
  14. Don't feed the trolls or reply to obvious spam. Quoted messages are harder to find and clean up.
  15. Last but not least: Please let me know if something is broken or not working, if you're getting scam/hijack ads, if someone on the site is harassing or threatening you, if you got scammed. Just fire off a PM or e-mail. Lots of times I don't see problems occurring, or don't know about situations on the site.

I'm sure there's something I'm leaving out or not wording correctly. Let me know if that's the case.

If you have any questions or concerns about these rules, feel free to PM or email me to discuss them.
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NO POLITICS. Look, save the political stuff for Facebook or your next family get together. Not everything has to be about politics. Really. Just don't. Left/Right, Red/Blue IDC just save it. Especially in election years. If you see it happening, please use the report post function. Not even debating this.

Making this post so we are all crystal clear on this. NO POLITICS means NO POLITICS. And yes, I get to decide what constitutes "political" and what doesn't. I'd be glad to discuss this with you like rational adults via PM if you'd like.

Violating this rule will result in the following:
  1. A warning issued via any combination of a formal in-system warning, addressing your post within a thread, or via PM/Conversation. Maybe all, maybe just one.
  2. a temporary ban. The length will depend on the infraction(s), the response to the warning, etc. And yeah, its up to me.
  3. (optional) a longer temporary ban. See #2
  4. a permaban. Once this happens you're going to have to convince me to reinstate your account.
This has nothing to do with left/right, Republican/Democrat, dogs/cats, Playstation/Xbox or whatever. This is not "discriminatory" against any particular viewpoint before that chorus starts up. BUT the reason this rule exists is that one side can't seem to stop posting about this stuff, or bringing it up where it doesn't belong. I will let you decide which that is.

This applies to any of the following, also, (and this list is not all-inclusive, in case a new thing crops up)
  • COVID conspiracy theories and false information
  • Election conspiracy theories and false information
  • 2nd amendment stuff. You want to talk about guns, shooting, etc. that's cool. Leave the NRA politics out of it. Goes for both sides of the argument.
  • Taxes. We can talk about taxes without the usual finger pointing and crap. It's just a fact of life.
  • Protests, BLM, Defunding the police, or any "buzzword" type of talking points.
Again, this rule will be applied equally across the political spectrum. I will also be on the lookout for "dog whistle" words and phrases that on the surface have no political context, but we both know that's not true.

And most importantly, if you see me make a comment that maybe you feel attacked by, please let me know via PM. I'm only human, I get swept away with crap from time to time, too. They're my own rules and I have to follow them. Make sure I do.

I will also be asking people with political avatar images, location data, and signatures to change them. I might not depending on how bad it is. I might let a few things slide here and there, without comment, depending on the situation, but don't take that as me giving permission to open the flood gates.

This applies to past posts as well as current ones. If you're browsing the site and see something that should be removed via this rule, please use the "report post" function and I'll handle it.

Take it easy folks.
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