Thinking about selling 87 442 parts



Sep 17, 2019
Fulton, MO
I was thinking about selling the upper door panels, gauge cluster, wheels, and rearend out of my 442 is there much in the way of people looking for that kind of stuff or is it not even worth messing with considering what I'd get for that stuff?
I hate to stop messing with this car it is super straight but the body has small holes rusted through it around the drip rain and the windows. Other than that it is in great shape. I just dont want to do anything with it but I dont want to give it or any part of it away for nothing. If there is a such thing as people looking for these kind of parts I'd like your opinion on where is most likely the best place to post the parts, like here on this forum, ebay, craigslist... any opinion is appreciated.


Nov 15, 2014
Des Moines, Iowa
Of course there's a market for that stuff. I'm not a fan of the highback buckets, but plenty of people are.
That rear if posi is worth easily $1000.


Aug 20, 2017
Mesa AZ
I recently bought a 85 442 arizona rust free parts car. I sold the gray plastic and metal interior parts, the instrument cluster and the 15 inch wheels like you have for about 750 for all. The rearend from the 442s are 3.73 and open diffs unless someone upgraded it. You should be able to get 7-800 for the rearend. The rest of the car is a cutlass. They are like aholes out here. Selling body parts for any type of money to make it worth the effort is tough out here. Pull up offer up for phoenix and type in cutlass. You can find tons of them. Type in regal and you see maybe 1 or 2 if you are lucky.
If you want a good rust free hardtop body and frame i will sell you this one i have. Then you could put all your good condition parts on it and have a nice 442.



Sep 17, 2019
Fulton, MO
I really appreciate your offer but I'm done with mine I've already built it twice I just dont want to do it again if you know what I mean. But thank you.
I'll post this all with better pics tomorrow morning.


G-Body Guru
Feb 12, 2013
sad to see another at this point , but I can understand.

The parts are worth much more individually than as a whole car. No forgetting the front clip with the Euro lights , the transmission and the Carb to add to your list .
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