THM200 shift cable bracket vs TH350 bracket


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Jan 4, 2009
Wellston, OK
Must have been way more floor-shift cars than I imagined, they seem to have been fairly rare even back in the mid-80s when I was looking. BOP maybe had more?

From what I read in the MVMA sheets for 78 Malibu/Camino, it almost had to be a Malibu Classic (or Camino) with a 305, since buckets weren't available on the Malibu base coupe, or wagons...and the other engine choices got TH350s

I'm surprised to hear that there is a repro bracket for the TH200, knew there were for TH350 and 2004R, but figured that so few ran TH200s it wouldn't be worth the tooling.


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Jan 16, 2022
I stumbled across one when converting my wagon to floor shift with the TH-200. I think plenty of them made, many or most(?) A/early G-bodies with floor shift had TH-200’s.

I believe specific to the trans pan and also made aftermarket now for like $35
Yeah, I don't want to pay $35 if the same $9 bracket for a TH350 will work...


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Jan 2, 2006
350 floor shift bracket is 10001513. Different part number, doubt if they'd interchange without modifying something.

Oddly, the 10001413 shows as a good number for Olds G-body with MW9 (200-4R) for 83 with D55 (only way that happened in 83 was Hurst/Olds).

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