CUTLASS timing mark 85 olds 307

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May 17, 2017
pine city/rosaila washington
I have a 1980 olds cutlass calais that the previous owner put a 307 out of an 85? olds station wagon it has a four-barrel intake and ac and an air pump and the original hei dist with the 5 terminal module. i guess the extra terminal goes to a vacuum sensor that advances the timing in response to the vacuum the dist is out sitting on the bench when i reinstall it should the engine be at tdc or a little before? the car won't be a daily driver. so i will hook up the vacuum advance and the vacuum modulator to the transmission. should i hook up the air pump as well or will that help anything? i am thinking about finding a 350 olds out of the 70's or late 60's to rebuild and put in.
Oct 14, 2008
Just put it at TDC. I assume it has a non computer Qjet as well? Either way 20 degrees base is a good timing number. Yes, that extra terminal rewards timing 10 degrees, I believe, when grounded.
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