Tip: 1985-1988 Cutlass Supreme Sport Wheel NP5 horn pad part numbers

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Jan 2, 2006
Things that make you go "hmmm."

While researching steery wheels today, I was piddling around in the parts book info and I found something sort of interesting. To me at least. According to the parts book, the NP5 Sport Steering Wheel center horn pad where the rocket and trim ring resides shows that there was a part number change for 1988. Now, from what I understand out in the wild, the 2nd design 84 and up NP5 Sport Steering Wheel center horn pad shared the same design (not necessarily colors, however).

Note as well, the 1985/86 Dark Saddle is a different part number than the 1987 Dark Saddle. Hmmm.

17982174- Dark Blue (27)
17982176- Dark Saddle (62) [1985-86]
17982177- Dark Sage (43)
17982178- Dark Gray (82)
17982179- Dark Claret (79)
17985221- Dark Saddle (62)[1987]

17988176- Dark Gray (82)
17988177- Dark Blue (27)
17988178- Dark Saddle (62)
17988179- Dark Claret (79)

I do not know the reason behind the part number changes. The interior colors did not change. The steering wheel p/n's themselves are the same from 85-88. So I don't know what, if anything, is different. Sometimes part numbers change due to the company contract changing from one company to another, and sometimes because of a slight design/materials/color change. Sometimes it seems they change for no reason. Sometimes the parts change physically but still retain the same part number (like the yellow T-handle Olds V8 oil indicator dipsticks retaining the same p/n as the black loop handled originals. SBO and BBO. WTF?)
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