trying to get help with a 1985 el camino that the windshield wipers wont turn off



Feb 6, 2020
1985 el camino wipers wont turn off until ignition turned off and back on. I have replace multifunctional lever, the switch in the steering column and the motor. Any ideas?


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Apr 15, 2014
With everything you’ve replaced, it sounds like a shorted wire or grounding issue. Start by checking all your grounds and trace the wiper wires from the column to the motor. Pull the loom cover underhood and check those. These can be the most frustrating issues to diagnose.
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Mar 31, 2006
Kitchener, Ontario

the last post in that thread...

"Hi gentlemen. Back to the wipers not shutting off. I had nearly an identical problem on an 81 Elky. Bought a replacement washer. Was not the same but the parts I needed were. I cleaned it all up gave it a little lithium grease and gave it a try. It would not stop. The only way I could get it to stop was put the intermitant in slow and when it paused I could then turn the switch off and it woulg go into park USUALLY. well i found my fix. It was the lithium grease. I assume any oily product would do the same. The contact on the circuite board thatstopps the washer and the brass side of the contact that breaks the circuite so it knows to park had a little continuity. Not much at all but it was enough.
Ok the fix was removing the bolt from the circuite board. Remove the square metal clip that the bolt went through. Clean all surfaces completely. Use emory paper to clean contacts and reassemble. Working like a new one. "

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