Turn signal issue



Jun 27, 2018
I got a 1985 cutlass supreme. Issue is all of a sudden my right blinker works fine. But when I hit the left side blinker with the light switch off it blinks but my dash cluster light blinks as well? And when I turn the headlights on and hit the left blinker it stays stuck on and won't blink but the gauge cluster light won't blink this time ?. I changed flasher behind the stereo because that's wher 1 of them was located that fried out.but still having this issue with only the left turn signal on. Already switched out the turn signal harness and still hasn't solved this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Forgot to mention I put a Euro front clip on my 85 8 yrs ago, never a issue until a couple months ago when I did a frame off to paint body and the chassis.

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