Turning radius

Do not fix or fix

  • Leave alone, it will never go there

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  • Add weld to knuckle to lower stop.

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  • Thread an extension to the lower arm stopper but you will loose steering angle

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  • Machine back lower control arm stopper and thread a tall stopper on.

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Oct 22, 2017
The contact point in your set up seems to be at the top edge of that aluminum disc too. If that pic is at full droop. I bet it would jump over the stopper at full compression. Are you using G body spindles?

I am using Blazer spindles so I was thinking it's the odd combination of non stock parts. UMI control arms, the tall ball joints and Blazer spindles.
I didn't want to sacrifice any steering angle. It's already crap at 25 deg. Are all G bodies like this?

So as UMI suggested, I drilled and tapped the spindles for a 3/8 socket head cap screw.
that's awesome looks like the bolt will serve as the stop. I'm running stock spindles.that pic is with the suspension loaded btw.

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