Updated shifter



Mar 29, 2018
Sacramento California
Hello everybody

I'm finally getting back around to installing my interior in my 79 el camino. I got a brand new 2010 camaro center console that looks pretty slick to go in. It was originally bench seat and column shift, but in my fashion, let's change it up and add 6 more projects to the list. So I originally bought a 4th gen camaro auto shifter that came with the linkage. I like it and it looks clean but the more I look at these 5th gen shifters the more I like them. That way I can buy the center console bezel and fit it nice and neat.

So would it be as simple as connecting some kind of rod to the bottom of the shifter and then running it to the trans and fabbing something on the trans end?

Meaning no springs or rubber boots or anything like that. Just 1 rod from end to end?

I hope this is sounding clear. Thanks for the help


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