Vac line help



Oct 18, 2018
Hey everyone! So I'm a real novice when it comes to engine work, but I'm trying to learn. Most of my vacuum lines on my 86 Monte Carlo LS (305 V8) were shot, so I ordered some silicone hose to replace everything. I just redid it exactly the way the car was when I got it, but I can't help but feel that something isn't right...

First of all- where and how does that canister control valve mount?? Does it just float there?

Next, on the diagram I have to reference (which I'm also not sure if it's correct for my car) it seems like there are some things missing in terms of connecting lines. I removed the A.I.R. system and will be deleting the A/C but not the heat if that makes any difference. It's a computer controlled quadrajet.

Also, what is supposed to connect in the last photo where I'm pointing?? What is that part? Looks like a vacuum canister with no line to it.

Finally, I'm guessing silicone hose shouldn't be used on the two lines from the charcoal canister but that's all I had. What kind of hose do you run there?






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