vehicle speed sensor code 24


Mar 21, 2018
A little confused here- I know about the one behind the dash, but when I google speed sensor it also shows one in the trans. Is this correct ? Car is an 83 cutlass supreme 307 real olds motor y code.
what is most likely wrong? Speedo & cruise transducer was tested by a long time inn biz speedo shop
Any ideas? Thank you!

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Aug 14, 2011
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The speedo drive gear is in the trans which drive the speedo cable and the VSS reads the speed off the speedo. There is no VSS in the trans like with modern cars.


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Mar 21, 2018
makes sense- can't always trust the internet..... thank you


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Feb 18, 2014
You need to clear the computer as well. It's possible there was an intermittent fault or something going on that triggered the code. The thing is, one the code registered once, it'll keep flashing it until you reset things.

If the code registers when the car isn't moving like at a stop light it's usually considered false. But if you clear it from the computer and it pops back up while you're driving in motion then you do have an issue to address


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Jan 2, 2006
If you're not getting any other codes, then this may be a false signal. Check for any other codes and as mentioned, reset the computer (disconnect neg battery cable for a minute or reset via scanner). Then drive it around again and see if it sets again. If it does, try to note what the engine and car is doing when the light pops on (park or neutral or in gear, RPM high or low, speed, etc.) which may help in the troubleshooting.

USUALLY...but not always, it's caused by the speedometer cable slipping/breaking, etc. Or a TPS mal-adjustment. Dirt or blockage of the speedo sensor wheel/optic eye is another possibility, although a very low probability. If you're not getting any other codes, though, that may be tough to get it to show up if it is another sensor.

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