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Mar 3, 2009
I'm planning on replacing the rear springs/shocks on my wagon soon in the first step (ok, easiest step compared to the front) in upgrading the suspension and getting the stance I prefer. I have had Eibachs pro-kit on hand waiting for this but reading up on it sounds like it might drop the rear too much for the wagon. This spring worked/works well on my Monte's dropping it right about 1" over stock, the wagon sits taller so I'd think if it's a further drop that might be fine, but I don't want it squatting or the rear lower than the front. Anyone use Eibachs in their wagon or what other spring(s) might achieve a good ride, firmer than stock, with a lower than stock stance? I guess since the springs are so easy to change I will just test it out, but thought I'd see what other people have had results with personally.

*edit - I've searched the forum with some info but nothing is clear cut, probably in part to the subject of height/stance is a personal choice.


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Jul 27, 2016
Lehi, Utah
Maybe this info will help?

When I did my big block/8.8 axle swap, I decided to chuck my original stock rear coils for new ones. Knowing my GP would now be a bit heavier than it used to be, I wanted springs which were a bit heavier and slightly taller. Looking at the infamous Moog coil spring parts listing, I selected p/n 5391 which are supposed to be stock wagon replacement springs; they are rated at 142 lb/in compared to either 118 or 121 lb/in for the stock springs. I bolted them in, along with a new pair of KYB Gas-A-Just stock replacement shocks.

Now the rear end is much firmer than it used to be. It also sits at least an inch higher than before, which doesn't bother me personally.

(This is an old photo, but it is the best side shot I have)

I know you don't want to go any higher, but these springs shocked me with how firm they are. YMMV. HTH
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