CUTLASS Weird sounds from my 1983 Cutlass Supreme Brougham 4-Door dashboard


Dec 29, 2019
This is a story of extreme annoyance and frustration, and yes, I did solve it eventually by the fluke of luck! The noise appeared coming from the dash area, it was loud, screechy almost similar to chalk on blackboard. It happened whenever I drove over a pot hole or freeway joints, uneven surfaces etc. It was sharp, high pitched and came and went away in a split second, but came back with every imperfection on the road, and believe me it was annoying! The dealership in Woodland Hills, now long gone, couldn't figure it out. I drove to Las Vegas and back, the noise was torture, every few seconds it would announce its presence. It was a brutal journey to say the least. On my return, I took it to a friend's body shop. They test drove it and suspicion fell on a metal crack somewhere in the body... somewhere. After two weeks they called me to come and pick up my car. They were unable to find the problem... they told me to sell the car. The noise was unbearable.

One morning while driving the car in the small roads in the San Fernando Valley I went over a small pot hole and the high pitched sound announced itself... but unbelievably and the same time I noticed the hood slightly shake sideways. But this was the eureka moment I was waiting for, because as I went over the road imperfection the suns rays that morning were at the correct angle and illuminated the lip if the hood and underneath it and there was the offender! A lowly one dollar item that had caused me so much grief and aggravation.

Have you guessed by now what was the culprit? It was the adjustable hood stop dried out hard-rubber bumper located in the center of the hood/above the firewall and only visible from inside when light reaches it from a strong flashlight or rays of the sun at the particular time of day! I noticed the shake and at the same time I saw the suns rays illuminating the bumper. I pulled over, opened the hood, pulled the engine oil dipstick and smeared some oil on the rubber bumper then continued my drive. The sound was gone forever! Later that week I passed by the body shop and told them I solved the problem. They absolutely begged me to tell them what was causing this extreme annoying screech. They felt entitled to know, after all they had spent umpteen hours to try and figure it out, even welded some body joints they had suspected. I toyed with them for a while before feeling sorry for them and showed them the culprit. So, for those of you who have encountered horror stories of unwanted sounds... this one ended well! (I did eventually get rid of that car).
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