What are these seats from?


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Jan 2, 2006
I'm no 69hurstolds (with his uncanny and inhuman grasp of part numbers for anything oldsmobile:banana:) but I try to do my best, especially when I know I've seen something somewhere.
I initially thought my name was going to be used disparagingly here. :giggle:

While I appreciate the support, any seat styles and part numbers, etc., that's not Olds G-body is outside my wheelhouse. I can't hold a candle to the knowledge of MANY of y'all in the hobby about all sorts of different makes/models of vehicles out there as a whole.

I guess I'm a self-segregationist that way. I don't have much interest or experience in non-GM models like Datsun/Nissan, except when I was in the Navy helping the Engineering Officer on our submarine install a clutch for his 5 speed manual transmission in his 81 280ZX one time. And that was in the mid 80s. Ugh, that job sucked. Never again. Everything had to fit like Tetris blocks.

But I do agree. Gold Star for the seat ID!!


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Sep 20, 2011


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