What did you buy for your G-body today? [2024]

Yes, 1 piece rear main though. The sump needs to be around 8 inches long or so to fit a G body front stub. I have one already, but it’s for a Camaro front so it’s around 10 inches long.
I will look and see which one it might be if there’s a number
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I only drove the Monte Carlo 2 times in the last 2 years. I don’t know or understand how to tune the Holley sniper system and have never really cared for the way the car drove, started, and performed with the sniper system. Well a couple weeks ago I gutted all that out and put it back to a carburetor. Yesterday I changed the fouled out plugs in it. That’s always a fun job with angle plugs and headers. Today I went and got a new battery for it and decided it was time to start tuning the new brawler 650 on the 327. After about an hour of tweaking and a few test drives, this car is running better than it ever has!! No more sluggish take off from a stop, no more hard starts, and now this thing pulls through all 5 gear! Now it’s the car I wanted it to be in the beginning. Time to start looking at dro it a couple inches to get that aggressive stance!!

edit: we I just realized I posted in the wrong thread 🤦
Glad to hear it is running right
I'd guess you spend some money on the tune up parts, plus, battery etc.

If you'd rather it be in the what did I do rather than what did I buy though, I'd be happy to move it for you
Don't you start :ROFLMAO:
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Picked up those 25mm dia captured washer bolts for the air duct on my Monte. Wider washer traps more material and lessens the chance of tear or pull through.

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I tell myself to stay off Marketplace, then I find deals like this..
I’ve always wanted a 87/88 front.
Best part about this on… $125.00
I never seem to find them in any condition for less than $8-900.
I do need some parts but I’m super happy for this one.
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My interior is coming together pretty well and I cleaned up my original sill plates and they just don't pass muster. I ordered a set of GM Licensed sill plates from OPGI and should have them next week. Have some more SEM paint coming to paint the last 4 interior ceiling moldings too, they will be here tomorrow.

Image 1.jpg

Still have to paint a set of wheels, going with the 14" SSIII's that the car came with and Cooper Cobra 225/70R14 tires. Still have much to do on the punch list but gaining on it. Planning to get a set of Reg plates on it before August is out. The fall season in New England is usually wonderful and I hope to put some miles on it until the snow flies.
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