What did you do to/with your chainsaw today


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Jun 15, 2012
Everytime I get a saw I take it down to this point and clean it up. That 461 looks pretty good, parts should be here this coming week to get it back together and running.

MS461 BARE.jpg

MS461 BARE2.jpg


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Jun 15, 2012
All my parts came in and I was able to put this together with my 25" ES Bar, full Chisel Chain. Balances quite well. Modded the muffler and it has the open port cover so looking forward to see what this does dialed in.😀





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Dec 1, 2014
Upstate NY
Rented an underground chainsaw today. Weather is nice, had the day off, getting rid of the mulberry tree stump.
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Yesterday I was discussing a stump grinder I used when I first bought my house. I rented this old stump grinder from a co-worker, needed a 3/4ton truck to move it. It had hydraulics to move both left to right and in and out. The wheel was about 30" in diameter. It was powered by a 4 cylinder Wisconsin motor and it was an absolute beast. I ground 35+ stumps of 2'+ diameter over the course of two days. It actually made doing the work fun.

I'm sure that nothing like that thing can purchased any longer due to both emissions and safety, But if you wanted to grind a stump, rocks, chase roots or just make a nice hole in the ground it got the job done in moments.
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