What Did You Do To Your G-Body Today? [2021]


Master Mechanic
Jan 7, 2016
Charlotte, NC
Valiant effort, Sir. You got gumption. Come North and we'll learn ya on what we would call that snowfall "just another Tuesday".

Not all driving schools are created equal.
Granted I don’t haven’t got hit like you guys do but I was fortunate enough to learn at a young with my dad being an over the road driver. We got stuck in a few blizzards in upstate NY. I’m mostly used to the Miami floods and hurricanes.
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Jun 15, 2012
Back in the U.P. you wouldn't even get a 2 hour school delay for that. Out here they'd probably close the bases for the whole day.
Dec of 2017 here in Florida we had this amount and they shut the panhandle down...absolute destruction.

DEC 2017 SNOW.jpg
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Oct 25, 2019
Colorado Springs, CO


Nov 18, 2009
Saskatchewan, Truckistan
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Thread starter
Feb 20, 2018
Your toy so your right to play with is as you see fit. Just an FYI here but your whole state got a sound byte on the national weather channel for the amount of snow it received. Seems like Ma nature had it in for the whole east coast up as far as Labrador 'cause that is the length of that storm. Motorhead is probably happy right now cause he managed to miss it all. His old home turf got between one and two feet of the stuff; Toronto got a month's worth in 16 hours. Up here on the western lake we are being side-swiped by an Alberta Clipper which is headed for Mn and points below the Lakes on its way East.

I do get the "wanna go out and play in the snow" drill but, seriously, scare yourself up a pair of good snow tires and a cheap plastic shovel from Walmart, Otherwise the experience will be about on a level about par with the ride on a Tilt-a-Whirl but only about 8 inches off the ground.

Yo, MotorheadMike, check this out for a possible solution to your snow removal woes. Ought to be easy-peasy to scare up a half dead Samurai
Pick up and Rube Goldberg something together.



Dec 26, 2018
Painted the underside of the hood black, also hit parts of the engine bay that were rusting with some rust reformer. Engine bay looks way better. Polished up the under hood light housing also now just have to figure out why it isn’t working once installed
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