What Did You Do To Your G-Body Today? [2021]


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Jun 27, 2013
I worked on my exhaust system today, no tail pipes yet but the rest is there loose. I need to lower the car off the lift tables to load the suspension and set the pipes up high as possible. Don't zoom in, there are no nice row of dimes to behold. I'll be hitting all my welded joints with a grinder and touch up as needed once I mend in the H pipe crossover and build the tail pipes. I show signs of hope with the stainless welding but then crash and burn. Practice practice.....

Will band clamp the down pipes to the H pipe and at the mufflers. And band clamp the tailpipes to the mufflers as well so II can remove the system with ease in the event of a failed transmission.

The last photo is of an American Racing Header system and it's not showing the driveshaft centered and neither is mine. It even favors the same side as mine and I was wondering what I did wrong? I made the pipes hug the trans tunnel and rear floor pans, not crazy critical but as best I could. The mufflers are hung exactly the same so must be the floor pan of the car? :unsure:

XX.jpg ***.jpg

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Apr 20, 2020
Kittanning, Pa
Speaking of exhaust- learned that I can’t measure for sh**.


Now the Powersticks won’t fit unless I put dumps on them, or I re-engineer the whole tailpipe setup. I’ll hold on to them and probably weld V-band flanges to both ends after I cut off the slip-fit ends.

And the cherry bombs won’t fit without trimming, and I need a set of center/offset mufflers to put the tailpipes in the right location.
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Oct 25, 2019
Colorado Springs, CO
Got into the 40s, haven't had a chance to log in base running air flow in that temp

Wow, it gets cranky at 40? I'm waiting for a 0ish degree day. Coldest I've logged desired/measured airflow so far is 18 degrees. I think I'm on revision 3. Next step in lieu of colder air is unplugging an O2 and watching it in open loop up to about operating temp. What's happening is it hits closed loop and my cold fuel adder drops off the face of the earth. After watching how long a piss warm restart takes to re-enter CL, I think this will help fix some random crappy restarts I'm experiencing in my 1500. My idle airflow does a great job of applying trims, try logging cold start AFRs and see if the motor doesn't just want a little more fuel as it's warming up.


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Jun 15, 2012
Florida Beach
I'm sure you know as well as I do how many tables there are to play with. Cold fuel table is there.

I had my Base RAF close for anything cold, I was off by like 2% which isn't too bad. I have the whole table scaled. My car ran great I just wanted exact numbers.

You can run OL without unplugging O2 Sensors.

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