What did you do to your non-G body project today



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Jan 25, 2017
Got some work done on my long forgotten garden tractor project. It's an 84' John Deere 214. I rebuilt the Kohler K321 14 HP engine ten years ago or so but never started it, just rolled it over from time to time. I picked up a non running JD LT133 this past winter and got that all straightened out and am pretty pleased with it. So with a little head of steam I pulled this tractor out of the corner and started tinkering. The fuel pump was shot from sitting for years with a thimble of fuel left in it so that's ordered as is a carb kit just to cover the bases.

While waiting for parts I got to work on the seat pan, it was pretty rusty but garage kept for the last 13 years so it didn't get any worse. I'm no Donovan and won't BS you, it's an improvement but it's not going to be a beauty queen, a 15'er at best. I got 4 coats of JD primer on it out in the sunny backyard and it dried as quick as I could spray it. Plan to d/a it with 220 and try to smooth it out some, then put down two or three more coats of primer to build it up a bit. I'll lightly finish sand with 220 and spray it with JD "Classic" green next week while on vacation. I like the Classic green more than regular JD Green that it should be painted, just my preference.

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Painting a John Deere yellow. That would get you stabbed by the tractor purists around here.


Royal Smart Person
Jan 25, 2017
You're not far off.


Master Mechanic
Nov 17, 2019
Brought the ole girl home yesterday after being away for just shy of a year.
This morning I set out to get her fired up. 1st thing on the agenda was to change and filter the used oil and cut the filter for inspection evething looked good.
I pulled the valve cover And a smile came to my face

Super clean Ok ok I had slight movement in the pants.
Set out to change fuel filter and dump 5 gal of sunoco 94 and a 1/2 can of 104 octane booster. She was bone dry not a drop in the tank or fuel filter. Well
Things didn't go so smooth from there. As I moved towards the front of the car to connect jumper cables and battery charger I started getting a strong order of fuel. Yep the braided line was dry rotted and leaking.
Took care of that. By switching the feed line from the pump to carb.. To the rear filter.
Lucky for me I am a hoarder and don't throw much automotive parts out., dug thru my AN fitting stash and made up a new line for the carb.
So a couple of hours go by and I am ready to fire her up...go hit the ignition key and nothing. NADA I am like what the fudge!.
I scratching my head
I have power at the ignition. Power at the coil fuel in carb .
Screw it
tomorrow is another day


Nov 18, 2009
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Decided to address the roughly 4 year-old problems with one of the TBSS' HVAC actuator motors which broke on Drag Week, and it has been unplugged ever since. Tried doing a reset, which was fruitless. So I got to pulling it all apart: https://www.trailblazerssforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8

Once I had the actuator apart, and found a tooth broken off the main gear I gave the whole thing a once over. It only uses about 30* of the gear for the swing and has physical stops - but the gear isn't indexed. So I popped it off the main shaft and spun it around 180* and slammed it back together. Re&Re-ing these actuators is a horrible job to do. But... No more clunky noise, air out the main vents, and no money spent.

I did happen to get eaten alive by a horde of mosquitoes, and probably a sunburn too. Still trying to understand why I did it in the driveway versus in the comfort of my garage?

When I got that finished I completed my mission to make the best ribs ever.

24 hrs marinating in Dr. Pepper then broiled. 4 more litres of Dr. Pepper reduced to a caramelized syrup to make the BBQ sauce. Quadruple glazed on the BBQ. Meat sweats inbound.


The McRib can eat a McDick.
Last edited:


Nov 18, 2009
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Dr Pepper ribs, eh? Never heard of that one. Any dry rub?
I usually dust mine in Old Bay, throw a Miller Lite in the bottom, roast in a pan on a rack covered with foil on 225-250 for 2.5-3hrs, then finish on the grill with Sweet Baby Ray's. They pretty good 👍
Yes, we have a special dry rub we put on before it hits the grill (paprika, salt, black pepper, onion powder, and cayenne pepper). I've done ribs in beer, Coke, various root beers, and Dr. Pepper. The pops have a fair amount of acid and sugar in them which breaks the meat down a bit and pulls the sugars into it over night (at least that's the theory). The really interesting thing is when you broil the ribs in the pop all the colour leaves it - which is kinda wild considering when you reduce the pop in a sauce pan it goes blacker than the Grinch's heart.

Chemistry, b*tch!

Hmmm... I need to make a beer can chicken again.


Nov 18, 2009
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Alright, I'm calling shenanigans. There's no way you're an officer in the military. You don't conduct yourself like you have a giant stick wedged up your *ss.
Don't @ss-u-me what is or isn't up my butt - stay the hell outta my bedroom!



Comic Book Super Hero
Apr 7, 2017
Brick NJ
So today I was going to do a quick brake job on the new truck and then change the lower ball joints. Yup no! I got to the shop nosed it in and realized I forgot the ball joint press in the back of the suburban at home. It was already pulled in so I went ahead and did the front brakes new cross drilled and slotted rotors with semi-metallic pads no problem except ba little rust but that's to be expected. Then I spun it around and started in on the back. I don't think the rear rotors had ever been off. It's a good thing I was at work air chisel and bfh! Did the right rear first. Took the left rear apart and one piston in caliper would not collapse. Called the wife had her go to a parts store and get me a left caliper and brake fluid also had her bring me Lauren to bleed the brakes. All good NOT driving home I smell brakes burning. The left front caliber went bad oh well I just ordered that stuff and
And a new rubber line. All good though NJ DMV won't be open until June now KIMG0237.JPG
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