Apr 9, 2021
I am having troubles trying to find the heater core for my car and so is the auto parts department. I have an 88 cutlass supreme with a 5.0 engine its a rear wheel drive and it has ac. im not sure if its hard to find because its an 88 and that was the last year of the rear wheel drive option but i would appreciate some help in finding the right one. would i have to pull mine out to find a part number?


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Jan 2, 2006
3037689 is the correct original GM part number you seek. Discontinued from GM. Most parts places will have their cross-reference to aftermarket parts in stock. Most aftermarket ones are aluminum, or at least some part of them are. But they should still do the job. I'm assuming you have A/C car, because it does make a difference. EDIT: Never mind, I see you mentioned you have A/C.

Here's one for like 30 bucks. You can try places like Rockauto.com as well. Just type in 3037689 in the search and you should get some sort of results.

Ebay...$20 plus tax for a new aftermarket Spectra one someone obviously didn't use.

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Jul 3, 2021
69 H/O has the number, 3037689 is the correct original GM part number for both this year and probably all the g-bodies 78-87 (88) with a/c. I just had one of these installed in my 1979 Cutlass. It was a piggyback job as I just had my entire AC system replaced and since the box was open I figured my 29 year old heater core should be replaced. This is the core I used, I got it from Rock Auto..
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