What parts do I need?


Doug Chahoy

G-Body Guru
Nov 21, 2016
I'm replacing my entire a/c system. Already have a Sanden 7176 compressor, New Champion 3 row rad, new condenser, 2 12 in. electric fans with alum. shroud. WHAT specific parts do I still need? First time doing this kind of project so PLEASE be specific and complete, kinda like explaining it to a modern day parts counter person LOL. I figure on finding a local shop to make up my hoses/lines once I install everything and its back on the road. BTW it's a 79 El Camino SBC that I've moved EVERYTHING over to the right/passenger side. That the way my March serpentine system has it, so I bought the Cutlass V-8 condenser. A/C SYSTEMS FOR DUMMIES would have been a good title for this thread.

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