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Mar 10, 2010
Small town NY
Good story for you folks.
When I pulled the 406 out of my 81 recently I also wanted to give the TH400 a quick clean up. Picked up a new governor gasket from a local shop. Put it all together and for some reason theres a slight weep out of the bottom. Not the bolt hole. Its the bottom of the cover/gasket.
So Monday AM I do a search for TH400 governor gaskets on google. One place in FL and one a bit closer. The closer place had the gaskets for $1.79. Cheap. I called the place later that day. Told the guy I wanted 3 gaskets. Just in case I ever needed another one down the road. For that price I figured what the heck. The guy said they would go out that day. Never thought to ask him how much the shipping was since it was just 3 small gaskets. They could have fit in a business envelope but I figured they would go out in a padded envelope.
Today I got them with my order from Summit. I bought a bunch of crap from Summit and the shipping was a little over $11.00. I open the box with the gaskets. Theres an invoice attached to the top of the box. This guy charged me $18.69 for shipping. Needless to say I was pissed. I tried to call the place but nobody picked up the phone. Gonna call again tomorrow. A lesson learned. SMFH


Jun 12, 2015
Shipping costs have gone nuts recently.

Parts vendors for my small engine shop seem to think a minimum of $20, no matter the part, is acceptable.

I discovered this with one of them when I ordered a single exhaust gasket for a walk-in customer... the part was $3, could've shipped USPS for a stamp... $20 later... I lost $10 selling this customer a gasket... fun times.

Now I triple check prices and shipping on anything, always.
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May 6, 2015
I have found many places have a minimum shipping cost. Some of it is to cover the cost of shipping materials and packaging time. Others is to average out what they loose on heavier orders. For my 41 one place charges a minimum of $19 shipping for any order and then above that it goes up. Somehow shipping a gas tank cost $50 from across the country but a small 2lb part cost $19.

I have just made list of what I will need for the next x items and ordered them at once to cut cost.

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