Where did all the transmission shops go???


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Sep 14, 2014
Shelocta, Pa
I've been looking for a good tranny shop to rebuild the 4L60E in my Silverado. Thursday on my way home it started to feel wierd with its shifts, pushing temp to 194. Friday took time in the afternoon to see whats going on to find out it wants to be a Powerglide (shifts 1-2-nothing.) Since the truck is money maker, I want the best rebuild for it (its on my dime as the .54/mile the company pays it can't cover it, felt the pain Feb of '16 with a Jasper 5.3 & the rear end before Christmas.) The nearest shop is the Indiana, Pa, an Aamco franchise that sends trannys out to a 3rd party. They have a rep that I wouldn't send a model kits tranny to them. As I search for one some what close I'm running into dead ends. There is nothing here in Armstrong county, the closest that would show promise is about an hour drive to Verona, Pa (Transmissions By Lucile.) I was checking with some of the small shops that are on the routes I run for work can only refer me to guys that used to or retired. Then you come across places that might be able to do it but they are questionable cause they have alot of repeat customers for the wrong reasons. I got deal with getting a rental for the time the truck is down, the cost of everything, the hassle of getting the truck to/pick up from where I can get it done, the time it will be down & how to rob a bank with out getting caught to pay for everything. The biggest insult is I will be loosing my job some time between November of this year & November of next year so I can't just punt it & get something else. But it goes back to where did the tranny shops go? With all the automaic on the road why can't I find one close to me? :rant::rant::rant::rant::rant::rant:


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Sep 6, 2006
Columbus, GA
There has been a steady decline in manual labor type jobs since everyone stresses the importance of college to kids. The high school autoshop programs were phased out or are barely hanging on, so the replacements for the old trans guys with all of the knowledge and experience are severely limited. Even my trans guy has retired, primarily because of a bad crash at the strip, but he's had quite a few birthdays.


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Jan 25, 2017
It does not help that a lot of people see a transmission as disposable or uneconomical to rebuild.


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Jan 4, 2009
Wellston, OK
There's a Jasper in my dually that has been in there for close to 200K, and a guy at work put one in his Suburban about a year ago, all good so far.

Most people see a dead trans as "time to buy something else". They have been sold into the belief that replacing the car is better than "throwing money at that old car" by dealers, lenders, and the American public in general.....especially given that most people can't swing $3K+ for a trans job, but can make those monthly payments on a new car with all the bells and whistles.

olds307 and 403

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Oct 14, 2008
What year? I know the 3/4 dying problem was so bad with the 4L60E, that GM still offers a replacement at a good price for certain years. They don't even bother rebuilding them, the GM unit has a 3 year warranty and was $1995 up here, probably much less there. That is what our local trans shop told us when the 3/4 died in our O3 GMC's 4L60E.


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Apr 25, 2009
Owyhee County
That's what I'd recommend too. It only needs to be installed by a certified tech to get the warranty, doesn't have to be done at the dealership.

Tranny shops are disappearing becausd good help is hard to find. Its hard to find because shops don't want to pay for good help. Catch 22.


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Jan 1, 2009
Tulsa, OK
I see a decline because of the costs to keep current (sanders and programers) and people are living beyond their means. Your average repair of a vehicle seems to be in the $1500-2000 range, so people look at that versus applying it to a "new" vehicle....odd when I worked at a dealership, all we worked on were new vehicles. Around here a trans with a warranty for your 4L60E/65/70 $1500-2300 depending in upgrades and 2 or 4 wheel drive.


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Apr 7, 2017
Brick NJ
The best transmission guy I know is in Honesdale pa his name is Jimmy Stelik but I don't know what company he works for I know he was at red line transmission but I think he is somewhere else now sorry that's the best I can do


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Sep 14, 2014
Shelocta, Pa
I checked two places this morning to see what choices I had, Wholesale Transmissons (New Kensington, Pa) & Transmissions By Lucille (Verona, Pa.) Both are a bit of a ride but they are the better options that have in house builders. The first is under $1800 out the door, 18 mo./18K warranty, 3 day turn around. The second is under $1900 out the door, 24 mo./24K warranty, about 7 day turn around. Then the details, the first just rebuild & install, no up grades/improvements. With the second, will reject parts they find sub standard, actually mention parts by brand name, type of improvements, what that is going to be replaced regardless being good or bad, even willing to go the 45-60 minute ride to pick me up when they are done. First place a 4-5 minute call, second was about a 20 minute call that included truck info to get the price close to what it should be, & some simple trouble shooting to ensure it going to be a rebuild. Both are way under what was expected. The cheaper/faster would be the best way to go but the guy didn't answer all my questions & just wanted to know when I was going to drop the truck off. So I'll be going with the second cause he did answer what I asked, took the time to explain some of the details of what & why of the work to be done, parts they will be using, why it will take so long. Now a call to AAA in the morning, trip to the bank after work, & wait to get this over with.


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Nov 18, 2009
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
I just went in to see my local transmission builder yesterday to get a quote on doing a rebuild on the 4L70E in our TBSS. We talked in detail about the built trans (avoid RPM Transmissions) that failed, as well as teardown, inspection, and upgrades. We discussed all the hard and soft parts in the built trans and on my wishlist. He was willing to allow me to supply the hard parts from Sonnax and do the install myself. I told him I will be putting a pressure transducer on the case to map and tune the pressures to his specs through my tuning software.

I hope to hear back by the weekend - but it is going to cost me if I build it myself or have a professional do it. I am leaning toward paying the shop because there are always tricks and experiences you just don't have doing it yourself the first time.

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