MALIBU Where to get a rear bumper?



Aug 3, 2018
Bellevue, IA
Vimohr' Put your location in your header (left side of your posts, ya do it once) then we won't have to ask every time your looking for something! Note I'm from Wisconsin maybe just a few miles from you. And yes I have bumpers that are in Very good condition with fillers that are worth more than the bumpers. And since I don't plan to use them it's possible you would be able to talk me into selling them. And when I say them, I mean both front, rear with fillers, jack (used maybe once) & OE fasteners all in near new condition. Call me if your interested 608 752 5935 & don't tex as my phone will NOT show a tex. I should mention that I have turned down one previous offer. Ole' Bob.
Thanks Bob. I'll be giving you a call. I'm just south of Dubuque.

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