Where would you find 79 Buick Century Indicator Lense's


May 27, 2020
Christchurch New Zealand
Just wondering if anyone knows of any places that sell indicator lenses to suit a 79 buick century & send overseas, i'm in New Zealand & parts are impossible to find here. Am thinking of purchasing this wagon to add in with my 82 Malibu wagon, be no point tho if unable to find this busted lense as wont be able to get it legal. Wagons been off the road for 13 years & i bet this will be one of the main reasons.
Cheers for any info be much appreciated....


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Mar 3, 2009
Cool wagon. A shame that would keep a car off the road but you’re in the right place, besides eBay(and maybe some Facebook pages) this site with all the wagon and g-body owners can hopefully get you connected with one.

A couple different yards I’ve been to recently have a couple Century wagons each but I wouldn’t be back anytime soon, maybe later in spring or early summer though.

One of them..although zooming in it appears the driver side lens is broken up.


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Doug Chahoy

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Nov 21, 2016
I sure wouldn’t let that stop me from buying it. That’s to nice to let get away. Specially if it’s as nice as the pic and a good price. Someone on here will come up with the lens.
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