Wire id help please!!


oldsmobile joe

Royal Smart Person
Nov 12, 2015
brown wire in pic three looks like it belongs on the parking brake light switch.


Master Mechanic
Feb 20, 2018
Check your grounds to make sure they are tight and clean. If you are working with a stock harness, make sure you have power down at the large stud on the starter and that there is continuity in the wires between that stud and the key switch. Make sure you have power coming out of the key when you turn it to on or run by checking the plug at your neutral switch. If the car is not in park or neutral, no power goes to the starter run circuit. (Disconnect your coil wire so the motor won't fire if you happen to inadvertently turn the key to start.) The plug In the middle picture almost looks like the one that attaches to the neutral switch which, if memory serves, is located above the brake pedal arm in the same general area as the brake light actuator switch itself.

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